Fraunhofer IWES

Enjoy energy independence – With our safe and quiet wind generator

The Silentwind wind generator is designed for battery charging by converting wind energy into electricity. The generator has been developed and produced for use in harsh environments. It can be used in mulriple wind conditions: small, medium and high. Silentwind is lightweight (6kg), built in aluminum alloy suitable for marine environment, corrosion protected, stainless steel shaft, waterproof sealed bearings and sealing caps.

The Silent Power Blades are produced in carbon fiber, hand-laminated, with high resistance and minimum noise emission, which is the biggest differentiator of the Silentwind. The external charge controller is hybrid (wind and solar energy), has multifunction display and integrated stop switch (electronic / manual). The parameters can be adjusted directly in the controller or through the application that is available for IOS and Android. Among the available parameters are the brake module, which allows the maximum current adjustment, and the load cut-off voltage module, which regulates the maximum charge voltage of the batteries. The Silentwind starts charging with a wind of only 4kn, generating 50W at 14kn and 100W at 19kn. As maximum power generates 420W (Generators 12V) at 29kn. The mast supports are developed for vibration absorption and consequent noise reduction.

Fotograf Caspar Sessler