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Energy Autonomy – Wind-Solar hybrid systems

Off-grid systems are characterized by not being connected to the grid, ie the self-sustaining system is powered by generators, charge controllers, inverters and batteries. In these systems the energy stored in the batteries is the only source of energy. For missing moments of energy production is necessary to correctly size the storage system (batteries) and the production of energy (generation).

The production of electric energy in an ecological, simple way, easy installation and proper maintenance is the hybrid Wind-Solar system. These hybrid systems complement each other and give greater reliability in the continuity of electrical production over time.

Silentwind generators are easy to install and maintain and allow the connection of multiple generators for increased power output.

The Silent Power Blades are made of carbon fiber, hand-laminated, with high resistance and minimum noise emission, which is the great differentiator of the Silentwind.

Our charge controllers are hybrid, suitable for wind power (maximum 40A) and solar power (maximum 20A). They have a multifunction display, integrated electronic / manual stop switch with the possibility of adjusting the parameters on the device itself or through the supplied APP. Among the available parameters are the brake module, which allows the maximum current adjustment, and the load cut-off voltage module, which regulates the maximum charge voltage of the batteries.

Silentwind starts charging with only 4kn wind, generating 50W at 14kn and 100W at 19kn. As maximum the Silentwind produces 420W (Generators 12V) at 29kn.

Mast supports are designed to absorb vibration and consequently sound reduction.

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