Panneau Solaire 50W – Monocristaline (Eficience 16%)

Panneau Solaire 50W – Monocristaline (Eficience 16%)


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Nominal Power PmaxMono crystalline cells with a unique structure that yields conversation efficiencies of up to 16 %. They are aesthetically pleasing and ideal for Off-Grid applications.
Nominal Power Pmax 50 Wp
Power tolerance 0~3%
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 22,3V
Nominal Voltage Umpp 18,3 V
Short-circuit current (Isc) 3,05 A
Max. Load Current 2,74 A
Max. system voltage DC 1000 V
Temperature range -40°C ~ +80°C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 698 x 518 x 30 mm
Weight 4,14 Kg
Aplication class A
Conformity to standards IEC/EN 61215:2005;IEC/EN 61730-1 A2
IEC EN 61730-2 A1