Electrical autonomy solutions in caravans and motor homes

Wind and solar power wherever you go!

Wind-Solar hybrid systems complement each other. Throughout the day the production of solar energy follows a relatively constant production pattern. The production of wind energy, can produce in the period of low or nonexistent solar radiation, serving as a complement to the solar system. This characteristic gives this type of system a greater reliability with respect to the continuity of electrical production over time.

Silentwind generators are easy to install and maintain. Slent Power Blades are made in carbon fiber, hand-laminated, with high strength and minimal noise emission. The charge controllers are hybrid, suitable for wind power (maximum 40A) and solar power (maximum 20A).

The Silentwind starts charging with only 4kn wind, generating 50W at 14kn and 100W at 19kn. Maximum charge is 420W (Generators 12V) at 29kn.

Mast supports are designed to absorb vibration and consequently sound reduction.

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